Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Lovely Day and Dinner

Today is my Sunday. It's only fitting that I sit here drinking coffee. Coffee? I barely ever drink coffee but I'm in the process of making a quiche for breakfast and it's going to be at least an hour till it's ready to eat. The coffee is suppressing my appetite. I think it's funny how I will take the time to make myself something wonderful to eat even it it takes what seems like forever and I'm starving. Okay, enough about this quiche... that will be a later post. We'll see how it turns out. This is my first attempt.

It's raining right now and that makes this day so much better. It started on my drive home last night and it was the perfect ending to a lovely day. I drove to Santa Barbara to spend the day with my friend Josh. It was gorgeous outside so we hung out at the beach for a few hours.

On our way back to his casa we stopped at Whole Foods to pick up supplies for dinner. We were thinking of cooking up some salmon so we picked out veggies to that would pair nicely with the fish. It wasn't until we were waiting at the fish counter that we saw calamari steaks and had the idea to bread them... gluten free of course. They didn't have any gluten free flour in bulk so I got a little bit of cornmeal and brown rice flour. I figured I could try and make it work with these two ingredients. We got the calamari steak as well as some raw garlic shrimp and sweet brown rice. I've never cooked with this type of rice before. It looks just like short grain brown rice but once it's cooked it has the stickiness and consistency of sushi rice.

I love when my food represents <3

Sauteed veggies... simple yet so good.

For the calamari steak I used equal parts cornmeal flour and brown rice flour. I mixed them together on a plate and seasoned with dried oregano, garlic powder, and a little bit of salt. In another bowl I mixed together 1/4 cup milk and 1 egg. Whole Foods was nice enough to season the calamari steak for us with pepper and garlic. I dipped the steak into the egg and milk mixture and then coated with the flour blend. I did this process twice. In a frying pan I added a little canola oil and cooked the calamari for about a minute and a half on each side. The garlic shrimp were on a skewer but I took them off and cooked them in the pan after the calamari was done. I was a bit worried that the calamari might not come out okay since the breading idea was my first attempt but it was a very tasty experiment.

Favorite picture of the day

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