Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day Trip to Los Angeles

My friend Kayla had to drive down to Los Angeles to attend a meeting for work yesterday morning. Since I had the day off, we decided that I should tag along. Her meeting was on Melrose Ave so I could easily kill some time for a couple of hours while she was busy. I was involved in a minor hit and run the previous day so the first hour while waiting for her was spent on the phone with my insurance company. The rest of my time was spent walking through the residential areas... I always love walking through neighborhoods in new places. 

I looked at books in Urban Outfitters and even got my palm read! That was really fun. Kayla's meeting took longer than expected so by the time she got out we were starving. We drove to Echo Park to have lunch at Sage Vegan Bistro.  We started with the zucchini and sweet potato tater tots. Kayla ordered the Soul Bowl and I had the Falafel Bowl. The food was so good and tasted so healthy. I loved how they added pomegranate seeds to the Falafel Bowl. It added a nice bit of sweetness. I wish this place was closer because I want to try everything on their menu. We took a peek at their brunch menu which sounded amazing. They also offer desserts and shakes from KindKreme which looked and sounded delicious. 

Handmade zucchini and sweet potato tater tots with chipotle ketchup

Soul Bowl
Roasted sweet potato, black beans, okra, baby corn, garlic polenta, horseradish and deep fried mac and cheese with pickled jalepeno cabbage

Falafel Bowl
Basmati rice topped with pistachio mint, falafel, cucumber, red onion, roma tomato, avocado, oranges, and fresh cilantro served with a side of tzatiki and red pepper hummus

I'm definitely not a big fan of Los Angeles but I do like how they have so many good places to eat. 

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