Thursday, July 7, 2011

Experiments in the Kitchen

One of my favorite things about food and cooking are the endless possibilities of creativity. I once heard someone say "let food be your canvas." This rings true for me. I love throwing together ingredients and seeing the end result. Using different flavors and textures can create many interesting dishes. Rarely do I follow recipes. Every once in a while I will make a dish that my brother turns his nose up to but that's what experiments are all about, trial and error... I still eat it and generally like it.
After work this morning, I was craving some of the fresh fruit I purchased at the farmers market yesterday. This time of year is awesome for all the stone fruit in season. I made myself a salad consisting of an apricot and peach, feta cheese, and mint. I also added a little lemon juice. This recipe is something I want to recreate and work on a dressing that would pair well with it... maybe with some basil too. I just had to post the photo because I thought it looked so pretty. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and staying cool.

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