Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Day of Indulgence

Yay for food trucks in Santa Barbara! Thank you O Street Truck for gracing Santa Barbara with your delicious food. This truck offers French, French-Vietnamese, and French-Mex inspired dishes using locally sourced ingredients. I had read about them in the Independent a few months back and couldn't wait to try them. Yesterday I finally did. My mom and I had to go down to Santa Barbara in the morning so for lunch we found them parked in Goleta and enjoyed their delicious fare. With the prices being so reasonable and everything sounding so amazing we ordered almost half the menu. It was definitely a day of indulgence but was well worth it.

Everything tasted so yummy and fresh I can't wait to go back. The quality of ingredients they use is quite impressive.

Pesto French Pastry Pizza

Pommes Frites served in a cute newspaper cone. The rosemary-garlic sauce was absolutely amazing. My mom had the wasabi-mayo and that was really good as well.

Chicken Banh-Mi Taco - This was my favorite out of everything. My mom ordered the sandwich version of this. It was served on a fresh baguette.

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  1. Carolina - hey there. I found your website from Amber - the cupcake lady. On her blogger address - she says she only follows one person. You. So I had to look. My niece and I are visiting Amber and her cupcake shop next Thursday. We are on a 5 day drive from San Diego to San FRancisco. And then I saw your website. It gives me some great ideas. Like the food truck in Santa Barbara! I will try to find them. If you want to follow our trip - you can see it at You are a writer. It would be cool to meet you at the food truck - and have you meet my niece. Cheers.