Thursday, January 20, 2011

Daily Dose of Dulse

Dulse is a red seaweed for those who are not familiar with it. It's dried at a low temperature to preserve its nutrients.  It is a rich source of B vitamins, iodine, potassium, and iron.  I've had it a couple times when eating out, but never incorporated it into anything I prepared at home until yesterday when I added some to my miso soup.  Today for lunch I steamed a carrot, some yellow onion, and baby bok choy. I ate it over brown rice couscous and topped it with shredded dulse and sesame seeds and drizzled tamari and sesame oil on top.
 On Tuesday while I was in Santa Barbara visiting a friend, we walked around the farmers market downtown.  I told him we had to stop at the ginger ladies stand. She is this sweet little old Asian lady with missing teeth who sells the best ginger!  I have been making a cup of fresh ginger tea daily.  After picking my ginger I admired all of her other Asian veggies and grabbed some baby bok choy. I have been enjoying it steamed with a little tamari or adding to miso soup.

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