Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Everyone always talks about making turkey sandwiches with their Thanksgiving leftovers but why not a turkey salad? This morning I made myself a salad with the leftover arugula, pecans, and blue cheese we used for our roasted pear and arugula salad, turkey, and quinoa stuffing. I heated both the turkey and stuffing to take the chill off. I also added ground flax and pomegranate seeds. The dressing was a mixture of olive and flax oil and lemon juice. 

I had a lovely thanksgiving this year. It was just my mom and me. For the past two years I haven't been home so it was so nice to cook and spend time with her. Our goal was to create a very healthy meal and we did just that. Everything we made was free of wheat and refined sugars. Here is what we made to go along with our turkey.

Roasted pear and arugula salad with blue cheese and toasted pecans.
Steamed green beans.
Steamed sweet potatoes and yams mashed with yacon syrup and a splash of cream.
Quinoa stuffing with Julian Bakery dinner bread.
Cranberry sauce with orange zest and agave.
Gravy made from roasted veggies and vegetable stock.

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