Saturday, November 27, 2010

Simple Pomegranate Cereal

One of our cupcake flavors this week is a pomegranate cranberry. After topping all those little cupcakes this morning, I got inspired to make a cereal using the seeds. Luckily I had a pomegranate in my fridge at home. I placed about half the seeds of one pomegranate in a bowl and topped them with vanilla rice milk, ground flax, and pecans. I'm thinking of trying it with walnuts the next time I make it.

This is the kind of fun I get to have at work... 

Working for Amber at Enjoy Cupcakes is truly a dream job. I could not ask for a better boss. She is the sweetest woman and I love learning from her. In the early morning hours of Thursday through Sunday we get to have fun in the kitchen together making yummy cupcakes.

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