Saturday, July 31, 2010

Honey Lemon Blueberry Tarts with a Secret Ingredient

The most recent recipe contest I entered was for Carlson Labs. You had to create an original dish using at least two tablespoons of their fish oil. Luckily I had a bottle of their lemon flavor on hand. My first idea was to make a salsa for fish tacos. I thought that was too practical so I asked my mom for some advice. She poured herself a spoonful to taste. " You cant even taste the could make it into something sweet." The idea for Honey Lemon Blueberry Tarts were born. Cooking with heat will damage the oil so a raw dessert was a perfect idea. I did a nut and date crust, a lemon curd, and topped them with a mixture of blueberries and honey. Now that I am incorporating natural sugars into my diet I was able to taste. It was so yummy! You really could not taste the fishiness at all. What a great way to get your omega 3's! I took a tart over for some friends to try and they all loved it as well. Hopefully this is a winning recipe! The $500 grand prize would sit nicely in my savings account for school.

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